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Energy, Infrastructure & PPP

Energy innovation is the planet's future, and modern legal counsel must follow. Investments in electricity and related infrastructure projects, together with energy liberalisation efforts in SEE, place the field of energy, infrastructure & PPP among the hottest businesses in the region. KLO law team counsels and guides clients through the demanding network of legislative, regulatory and industry-specific rules. Both the old-school and the green energy markets in Montenegro and the region are seeing an increase in funds spent on improvements of existing facilities, expansion of production & transportation capacities and new project developments. Changes are matching this trend in legislation and regulatory requirements. Thus, knowledgeable and particular legal counsel will help your business lead the game. KLO creates unique multidisciplinary teams collaborating with regulatory, corporate, and financial experts to provide valuable legal advice on privatisation, regulatory compliance, greenfield & brownfield investment opportunities, and due diligence investigations. While most of the market focuses on traditional energy sources, there is a significant push for green energy solutions, where KLO offers its exceptional legal service for renewable energy investment opportunities.



Milos Komnenic

Managing Partner

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