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Administrative & Regulatory

The region in which KLO operates has been experiencing an intensive reform aligning the domestic regulatory framework with the best global and European Union standards. With local experience and international knowledge, the KLO team comprehends the clients’ needs. As a result, it can provide top-tier advice on optimising regulatory exposure and overcoming administrative barriers. Both corporate and individual clients have come to rely on our expertise and experience in navigating this ever-growing regulatory labyrinth. Even minor legislative innovations can lead to significant practical issues in administrative and regulatory cases. Therefore, we at KLO are in tune with all changes occurring in the local and regional regulatory environments, ensuring that our clients are always well-informed.

KLO lawyers provide clients advice on the following:

  • Complex rules and regulations compliance

  • Government and EU procedures

  • Enforcement related issues

  • Tax

  • Licensing:

    • Applying for and obtaining permits and licenses for doing business in sectors where this is a legal requirement (aviation, telecoms, pharma, energy)

    • International trade

    • Obtaining residence and work permits for ex-pats in Montenegro.


IM7_3266 Desanka.jpg

Desanka Kotlaja

Junior Associate


Filip Kazic

Senior Associate

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