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Ana Raickovic

Ana Raickovic is a Business & Development Manager at Komnenic & Partners. She has 17 years of experience in banking, telecommunications, innovations and the IT industry. She is very experienced in international project management and leadership – knowledge of different project management methodologies, team leading skills, data analysis skills, software proficiency, time management, cost control, prioritisation, negotiation and communication skills etc. She has broad expert knowledge of market opportunities with a particular emphasis on anticipation of market demands and a rich experience in scouting for innovations recognised as a critical ingredient for corporate success. She has a rich lecturer experience under the wings of Deutsche Telekom on the topics of products, services & innovations, as well as a lecturer experience under the IPA projects.

Ana holds an MSc in Economics, Finance and Banking from the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economy, Podgorica.

She is also a Court Interpreter for the English Language, licensed by the Ministry of Justice, Podgorica.

+382 20 674 302

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